Maharashtra Music Olympiad Exam

Maharashtra Music Olympiad Association conducts Music Olympiad Exam with the objective:

  • To encourage enthusiastic children explore their talent in the area of music.
  • To motivate children to pursue the talent within them and take up music as a hobby, learning or a profession.
  • To give confidence to their parents to render support to the child’s aspirations.

Standard Instructions


  • The Maharashtra Music Olympiad Exam is open for all students from 1st Std to 10th Std residing in Maharashtra & is divided in two groups.
    • Group A- Std 1st to 4th.
    • Group B- Std 5th to 10th.
  • There will be total 6 Grade Exams.
  • Grade -1 & Grade -2 will be written exams (Objective type).
  • From Grade - 3 to Grade- 6 there will be written as well as practical exams.
  • School has to collect the fees of interested students and after keeping the school share with them school has to transfer the balance fees through BHIM App OR IMPS OR NEFT OR  to below given account.
    • Sankram Music Private Limited.
    • Saraswat Co-Operative Bank Ltd.
    • Branch: ITI Road, Aundh, Pune
    • A/c. No. : 083100102744240
    • IFSC: SRCB0000083
  • The Bank transaction number (UTR No.) is required to initiate and complete the registration process.
  • Fees paid are non-refundable.
  • Student Registration Process for Maharashtra Music Olympiad Exam has to be strictly done through respective school. Individual student registration is not allowed.
  • Registration process for exam is strictly online through No physical forms will be accepted.
  • School Registration is a one-time activity. The Username & Password generated will be used for the School Login process whenever required.
  • Student Registration can be done multiple times for adding new students.
  • If school registers some students & submit the same, again school can register & submit more students multiple times. This process can be carried on till the last date of registration. The fees of the students have to be transferred separately as per the submission of number of students respectively. This will help MMOA to tally & verify fees details of respective students.

Example: Schools registers 5 students & submits, school will have to transfer the fees of 5 students, if again school registers 10 more students & submits, school will have to transfer the fees of 10 students at that time and so on…


  • School can register any number of students multiple times, submit all the students at one time & pay the fees of all submitted students at once before last date of registration.
  • Student Registration after last date & time will not be accepted.
  • To conduct the exam, school can select only one date from the given two optional dates in Exam Schedule.
  • Syllabus for exam will be available on the website ( ) in two formats.
    • Teacher’s Reference Copy can be downloaded from the website.
    • Reference Videos will be available free on the website.
  • Student needs to achieve minimum 40% to qualify for the next Grade.
  • Students who have scored below 40% will get a “Participation Certificate” but will have to re-appear for the grade in the next schedule by repaying the exam fees.
  • Students who have scored between 40% & 79.99% will get “Qualification Certificate”.
  • Students who have scored 80% & above will get “Merit Certificate”.
  • To appear for next Grade, the student has to clear all previous Grades.
  • Students who have missed the exam OR could not attend due to any reason OR are not qualified can re-appear for the exam in the next schedule by re-paying the exam fees.
  • Schools who have registered 50 & above new students for Grade – 1 will receive “School Appreciation Certificate”.
  • Schools who have achieved School Appreciation Certificate can also achieve the School Excellence Certificate” if maximum percent of their students appearing for Grade – 1 exam excel with Merit (80% & above)

Standard Instructions


  • Exam to be conducted in the respective school campus for their students on the date chosen by the school.
  • The Pre-Exam Kit with Question Papers, OMR Answer Sheets & Attendance Sheet etc. will be sent to the schools minimum eight days before the exam.
  • School is supposed to ensure security & maintain secrecy regarding the Question Papers.
  • Replacing absent student with new student will not be allowed.
  • Hall Tickets will be available on the website only after the school updates the Pre-Exam Kit received status on the website. School has to download, print and handover the Hall Tickets to the registered students.
  • The option for Exam Appearing Language either English OR Marathi will be printed on OMR Answer Sheet, it is mandatory for the students to mark the Exam Appearing Language.
  • As per the number of students appearing for the exam, school needs to arrange for classrooms, invigilators, helping staff etc.
  • The School should keep a copy of the attendance sheet for their reference.
  • The school will get Rs. 25/- per student as School Share from the total fees for that respective grade.
  • The local expenses including printouts, xerox, invigilation’s charges, postage etc. to be borne by the school from school share.
  • Detailed Exam Instructions will be sent in Pre-Exam Kit.

Exam Instructions for Invigilator

  • The student is not allowed to keep anything but stationery material with him/her during the exam.
  • The student must remain seated for the complete time of the exam.
  • One student per bench seating arrangement system should be followed in the examination hall.
  • Please check whether the students have occupied their respective seats according to seating arrangement as per the Permanent Registration Number.
  • The student is expected to be seated in the exam hall 15 minutes before the exam starts.
  • Distribute the OMR answer sheets to the students 10 minutes before the examination.
  • Verify the Hall ticket of the students in the examination hall.
  • The invigilator has to sort the answer sheets by Group and Permanent Registration Number and sign them after the students give them back.
  • The invigilator should sign the OMR sheets of absent students also.
  • The OMR Answer Sheets of absent students should also be returned to MMOA.
  • Please read out and explain the instructions printed on OMR answer sheet to the students.

Standard Instructions


  • The school has to pack the Attendance Sheets & OMR Answer Sheets properly without folding them.
  • The School should make sure that the Post-Exam Kit they send is waterproof.
  • The OMR Answer Sheets of absent students should also be returned to MMOA.
  • After exam, the school needs to send the Attendance Sheets & OMR Answer Sheets to MMOA through Government Postal Service OR Private Courier within 24 hours. The Answer Sheets need to reach MMOA Office within seven days from the date of exam on the address given below 

Maharashtra Music Olympiad Association,
Anurag, Plot No-10,
Pushpak Park, Off ITI Road, Fab India Lane,
Aundh, Pune- 411007 

  • After sending the Post-Exam Kit, it is mandatory to update the courier details on website in the tab Post-Exam Kit from School to MMOA
  • The postal OR courier charges to be borne by the school from the school share.
  • All students appearing for exam will get “Participation Certificate” & “Mark Sheet”.
  • From third Grade onwards seminars, workshops and training sessions will be organized for interested students with extra fees.