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Maharashtra Music Olympiad Exam 
International Music Olympiad Exam

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Syllabus - Vocal Grade 1

  1. Types of Indian Music - Classical Music (Shaastriya Sangeet), Semi Classical Music (Upshaastriya Sangeet), Light Music (Bhav Sangeet). 
  1. Styles of Classical Music – Hindustani Classical Music and Carnatic Classical Music. 
  1. Different types of Notes (Swar) – Shuddha Swar, Vikrit Swar (Komal Swar and Teevra Swar), Achal Swar, and Chal Swar. 
  1. Patterns of Notes i.e. Varn – Repetition patterns (Sthayi Varn), Ascending patterns (Aarohi Varn), Descending patterns (Avaroh Varn) and Combination patterns (Sanchari Varn), Ascending (Aaroh) & Descending (Avaroh) Notes. 
  1. Importance of proper breathing in singing, Pranayama – Deep Breathing, Anulom Vilom, Counted Breathing, Practice of notes with the help of breath control. 
  1. Musical octave (Saptak), types of musical octave – Madhya Saptak, Mandra Saptak and Taar Saptak. 
  1. Ascending & Descending Notes – Various interesting combinations of ascending (Aaroh) & descending (Avaroh) Notes. 
  1. Rhythm (Taal) – Information & importance of Rhythm. 
  1. Origin and Information about Tabla (rhythm instrument), Fundamentals of Taal (rhythm) – Matra, Sam, Taali, Khaali, Vibhaag, Bol. 
  1. Information about Taal Dadra – Prominently used in semi classical and folk songs 
  1. Song based on Taal Dadra. 
  1. Information about Taal Keherwa – Prominently used in film songs and Theatrical music (Natyasangeet) 
  1. Song based on Taal Keherwa. 
  1. Demonstration of “Vande Mataram” with musical notes & rhythm. 
  1. Demonstration of “Jana Gana Mana” with musical notes & rhythm.